Just a few common questions to make things simpler...

What is your style?

Our style is documentary, and we believe that documentary wedding photography should tell the story AND show how it felt to be there.  We have an eye and respect for the amazing (quiet, crazy, unique, planned, unplanned) moments which abound at weddings, and we are there to capture those moments beautifully and artistically.  We are here for you on YOUR day, to remind you in twenty or forty years what it felt like to be at your wedding.  It is what we love about our job.

What do you provide?

We want to document the feeling, mood, and events of your day, and so we have two photographers with you and your loved ones all day.  We provide coverage of your preparation, ceremony, and reception.  And we stay until you leave--we don't believe that we should cap our time at the end of the night and miss potential moments that would tell the whole story of your day.

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How much does it cost?

We believe in simplicity, so we have two packages.  Both include an engagement session (so I can get to know you first and you can get comfortable with me and the camera), as well as coverage of your wedding and reception, with full printing privileges of your photos (no need to buy digital negatives, they are included) delivered via an online gallery within 8 weeks of your wedding.  We take time to edit each image for you, with more focus on a few of the ones we choose together as your favorites.  The higher price includes a 20-spread fine art album, carefully designed with your input.

The wedding cost $3000.

Wedding and a fine art album is $4000.

And that's it.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes, and we LOVE it!  We adore our beautiful New Mexico, but we travel for fun, weddings, friends, family, and education.  If you are elsewhere, or planning a destination wedding, take us with you and we will work to help you remember how awesome your wedding was!