Hannah & Patrick's Santa Fe Mountain Sunset Engagement Session

You may remember Hannah from her killer moves on the dance floor from a wedding a few years ago (or at least we do), and you may not realize it but you have probably seen Patrick's handiwork if you live in Santa Fe.  Hannah & Patrick have a beautiful story, and took me all over Santa Fe to help tell it to me (you should ask Patrick about the engagement ring--he designed it, and it contains a huge part of who he is and where he comes from).  We ended here, at the top of Sun Mountain, where Patrick proposed to Hannah (and where I had to stop and catch my breath a LOT).  I was stunned--it is absolutely amazing, with views of all of Santa Fe and the surrounding Rio Grande valley.  Add these two, and it was just stunning.  Thank you two for a wonderful evening adventure, and I can't wait for next year!