Liz & Adrian's Jemez Mountains Engagement Session

When I was in my first photography class in 10th grade, I was assigned a “light and shadow” project, which I chose to do up in the Jemez Mountains, near the Valles Caldera. I walked through the aspen trees and felt such strong emotions (I was a teenager after all), and saw such contrast and beauty in the shadows the aspen cast in the early morning light. Then I took some pictures trying to capture how it felt to be up there—and it was a complete flop. I mean, it was just terrible.

When Liz & Adrian proposed a Jemez engagement session, I was so nervous at first—this would be the first time I’d been back to photograph at the Caldera since my 10th grade failure of a picture-making session. But exploring with Liz & Adrian made me feel so comfortable, and they were up for all the crazy adventures I took them on, even though it was getting cold in the canyons and I made them walk on the partially flooded banks of the East Fork of the Jemez River.

It turns out I can make beautiful pictures—with the right people and a lot more experience. I’m so happy LIz & Adrian chose to take me back to the Valles Caldera and all its majesty, and that they were game to play around and explore my native Jemez Mountains with me.

Congratulations, you two, and I can’t wait until September, to document the start of your next adventure together!