An Evening at the Park

Courtney and Jason are climbers (really good climbers) whom we’ve known and climbed with for years. As we get older, we have started having more and more climbing friends who are having kids and still getting out and enjoying the crags, the gym, and the boulders. While we like to spend our weekends out enjoying nature and climbing with these friends, we love that we get to document what the rest of life is like. The time we spend as a family during bathtime, dinner prep, mellow pre-bed time, and during a walk to the park can be so easily forgotten. Yet, when I look back at our photos of these mundane experiences, I am overcome with love for my family and with awe at how little they were (how easily we forget!).

I had such a wonderful time spending this summer evening with Courtney, Jason and their little gal. Thank you for having me, and let’s go play soon!