First Day of Preschool

Melissa & Fernando are a moving example of the power of choice. Melissa shared so much of her life with me while we took Fernando to his first day of preschool—her love for her son, her desire to be the mother he needs, and her pride in what he has accomplished. I would say that, after spending a morning with Melissa and Fernando, she should have pride in what she has accomplished, in the opportunities she is creating for her son and herself, and in the person she is to others. I hope that I remember to be as thoughtful, as empowering, and as proud of my family as Melissa is of hers. And I hope that we all can remember that we can make choices, sometimes hard ones, in order to make a life that is more full of love, trust, and opportunity.

Thank you, Melissa, for allowing me into your beautiful life for the morning—for showing me how amazing your son is, and for giving me a shining example of what a mother’s love can do.