We are the Plosses.

That’s a mouthful, which is why we chose a different name for our business. We chose Extended Play because we like to listen to our record collection—you should ask about Linus’ favorite album some time—and we love to play our way through life.

This is us. We are so proud to call this our life.

We are adventurous, loving, fun, excitable, and beautiful (sometimes in a disheveled way).

My family is also freaking crazy. I am often overwhelmed, my car is never clean, and I struggle to keep my flat surfaces clear of crap.

And yet, the images I make of my family are always beautiful and treasured. That time my daughter screamed on the floor while surrounded by flying confetti, her brother, and 2 cousins is one of my favorites. I don’t even really remember the crap on the floor of the car when I look through our album of one of our road trips, when both kids actually fell asleep at the same time in the car. And every time I look at the images of my kids lost in their wonder or imagination, I am reminded again of why I have chosen this life.

Here’s a peak at what we get up to when we’re not at your wedding or off on an adventure with our cameras and your family.

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