Extended Play Photography

When in California...

We spend Thanksgiving with Jason's family most years, heading south to enjoy family, homemade goods and sun.  This year, we went to California with them instead, in order to visit Jason's uncle and to enjoy family, amazing food, and lots of water.  We made it a road trip, stopping along the way whenever we felt the urge to explore.  It will always be one of my more memorable trips--we had so much we got to see and experience, and I hope I will never forget Greta's first view of the ocean and her excitement, saying "Agua. Agua. Agua..." over and over, as everywhere she looked there was her favorite thing in the world in which to play.  The ocean.

Austin travel for wedding and family

We travelled to Austin, Texas last month for Tyler and Caitlyn's beautiful wedding at Pecan Springs Ranch in south Austin.  Tyler is Jason's cousin, whom we haven't gotten to see since our wedding, and whom we now are expecting to see more, as he is living in Austin again (you got that, Tyler?!).  We got to spend the entire weekend with family, and we were spoiled by Jason's very thoughtful aunt Becky--she got us a tent (you know, the glamping kind!) since it happened to be our anniversary, and we spent our wedding night in a pop-up trailer.  Overall an amazing weekend with family, and a beautiful wedding--congratulations Tyler & Caitlyn!

Colorado Road Trip

We take a trip every year.  Sometimes it's to a foreign country, sometimes it's a climbing trip, and sometimes (just sometimes) we just start wandering around with a tent, a camera, and a lack of plan.  That's what this year's trip was, and it was awesome!  We ended up exploring the Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve, carrying our 3 year old for 14 mile hiking trips at 12,000 feet near Independence Pass, learning about plants and constructing a Gruffalo (which we still have, Aunt Sue), and panning for gold with my amazing cousin Sarah and her boyfriend.  Again, it was awesome!