Hi, I’m Jenny. I’m the main photographer but don’t believe for a moment that I could do this all by myself. For me, weddings are about emotion, fun, adventure, and closeness. Part of the reason I love documenting weddings is the fact that I get to witness moments, emotions, and craziness that I otherwise wouldn’t have access to on a regular basis (aside from my own hectic life).

I work with my husband (and you will almost never see us argue, but that’s because he is amazing at knowing when I’m about to freak out). We make a surprisingly seamless team, specializing in candid, documentary-style wedding photography. We document the feeling, mood, and events of your day, so that you remember not only the events, but the emotion of your wedding day.  We have an eye and respect for the amazing (quiet, crazy, unique, planned, unplanned) moments which abound at weddings, and we are there to capture those moments beautifully and artistically.  We are here for you on your day, to remind you in twenty or forty years what it felt like to be at your wedding.

What to expect

We like to keep things simple, so we offer 2 packages. For 2020, our base price is $3500 for a full day of photography by 2 professional photographers, as well as access to those images via an online gallery. You don’t have to negotiate extra hours, extra photographers, or access to digital files. And if you want us to put together a kick-ass album for you, you can pay $500 for a 30-spread album.

We prefer to spend some time at engagement session getting you comfortable in front of the camera and with us. We often don’t get time to really explore during your wedding, so we love to explore with you at your engagement session if you’re up for it. We’ve been to Tent Rocks, Sun Mountain in Santa Fe, and sound Jemez Pueblo. Take us somewhere that means something to you, and we can go make art together while really getting to know each other.


We are fully booked for 2019, and are starting to book for 2020 (so early, I know!), so let us know a little about you, and we will see what art and memories we can make together.

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