Becca & Guy

Becca and Guy are fun, driven, wild and creative--and their wedding embodied all of those things.  They have travelled all over and continue to do so (I feel like every time I hear about them they are somewhere new).  These two have amazing taste: in venues (everyone should at some point in life stay at the RailRoad Inn in downtown Albuquerque), in politicians (Trump was beaten in effigy, or pinata form), and in parties (I mean, really).  Becca and Guy were married at Casa Esencia, where we spent the night wandering through mazes of the old adobe house turned gallery to catch guests enjoying the music, ambience and food.  And Becca and Guy are all about supporting and surrounding themselves with those they really care about--the cake was made by an aunt; the florist, officiant and wedding planner were all good friends, and Becca was sewn into her dress by another friend who altered it beautifully for her.  And now, we are glad we can add ourselves to the list of those friends--because that's how they make people feel--like great friends.  Congratulations, you two!