Allyson & Gerardo

Allyson and Gerardo's wedding in San Jose del Cabo was absolutely beautiful.  It was a perfect place for such a laid back, welcoming couple, and was befitting, as they met in Cabo years ago.  Allyson is the type of person you never forget--she is not only strikingly beautiful, but she is one of those people who make you feel like you have known her your whole life--open, interested and full of fun.  And Gerardo's warmth sneaks up on you--he is attentive, warm, and quietly chivalrous.  We were lucky enough to spend several days getting to know this couple and their friends, who were a TON of fun.  Our days were spent at the pool, on the beach, singing karaoke, and taking a cruise around Cabo San Lucas for the bachelor/bachelorette party (where, unfortunately, I found out that Dramamine does NOT work for me, so I was lucky to have a sea-hardy second shooter).  Allyson and Gerardo were married on a beautiful blue day next to the ocean, and their love was infectious.  Gerardo and Allyson couldn't stop looking at each other, taking each other in--and to be honest, the rest of us were also caught up in their love.  Thank you both for a wonderful time, and I hope that all of your days are filled with sun, friends, family and love.