Brooke & Greg

The first thing I ever knew about Brooke was that she had once left a Swiss army knife handle-deep in a jar of peanut butter.  Since then, she has become a sister to me--I have spent countless days with her biking, talking, watching documentaries, sleeping on her couch, and otherwise just being there with her.  Brooke is adventurous, loving, fun, and is always, always there for the people she loves.  And this weekend, she got to show us all how hopelessly, smittenly in love she is with Greg.  When Brooke first met Greg, all I heard about, during our mountain bike race where they met, was the hot guy with the brown curly locks.  I can't imagine anyone better suited for Brooke.  Greg is, indeed, very hot.  Also very funny, warm, and gives some of the most honest hugs you will ever receive.  Their wedding was a testament to who they are: creative, wild, beautiful, wild, and surrounded by the most amazing friends and family.  The 1920s-themed wedding could not have been more classic, nor the venue and uber-talented local band more spectacularly perfect: the Art Bar in downtown Albuquerque, and The Porter Draw.

Here is to you, Brooke and Greg:  May you always be there for each other, may you always be wild, may you always be surrounded by the most fun family and friends, and may you have 10 babies and live in my commune.  Love love love you both.