Heather & Chase

Jason and I were both so excited to shoot Chase and Heather's wedding.  First, they had the most creative "About Us" page on their wedding website--we were hooked from then on.  After having a Skype meeting with them since we were on opposite (almost) sides of the country, and after seeing their preparation for the big day, we knew that they were the kind of people we like to spend time with.  Their wedding went from the Albuquerque Mormon Temple for a sealing ceremony and fun congratulations to the Old Town Farm for a ring ceremony and dancing to live bluegrass (our favorite).  The warmth and excitement from both Chase and Heather and all their family and friends made us wish that the whole lot lived here in the Duke City.  But with Heather's family here, we'll be trying to get the two newlyweds out climbing with us next time they're here to visit.

Thank you everyone and congratulations!!