Tonya & Quinn

Tonya & Quinn are laid-back, open, and fun--and their wedding embodied that.  They arrived a few days early so that they could go mountain biking and relax, enjoying the sunny, cool late New Mexico summer weather.  The wedding was simple and beautiful, set in the Sacred Circle at El Monte Sagrado resort in Taos.  After their two toddling flower girls found their way at last down the aisle, we got to see just how much Tonya and Quinn care for each other.  Neither one could quite hold back the tears or prevent the excited smiles they kept sharing.

At the reception, each guest's place was marked by a small hand-painted canvas with a different southwest theme or landscape.  And then came live blues music, a few rounds of Heads Up, spilled martinis, Tonya dancing with the bass player, and piles of dancing by everyone.  Tonya & Quinn's families were both awesomely fun-loving, dancing and playing the entire night.

After dismissing some lingering souls, the bride and groom got some excitement out by jumping on the bed before capping the night and starting the next phase of their lives together.

Congratulations!! It was so fun celebrating with you and seeing who you are and how you care for each other and those surrounding you!