Kacie & Ted

We always feel like guests at weddings, especially by the end of the night--and we have made many friends along our wedding photography journey.  But some weddings really make us wish we were ALREADY part of this friend group.  These guys are amazing. The closeness that this group embodies is just out of the ordinary, and it makes those who get to be a part of it for a night fall in love all over again.

Kacie & Ted were married in the amazingly beautiful Ghost Ranch Agape Center, with a view of the northern New Mexico sky, fall Cottonwoods, and blue mesas in the distance.  During the vows, Ted made me cry and Kacie made me laugh.  During the reception, we ate super tasty food from Adobo, and then the best cake we've ever tasted.

After the ceremony, Ted & Kacie drove off in an immaculate vintage car to Santa Fe, where the fun exploded into a night of dancing, playing and more amazing food (I personally made off with approximately 20 churros).  I just can't believe our luck in getting to be there for this entire weekend, documenting the love these two share, and witnessing the amazing network of friends and family they have.  Congratulations, Kacie & Ted!

Thank you to these vendors for helping to make this wedding awesome:
Adobo Catering
Ghost Ranch 
Floriography Flowers
Jessie Baca, Wedding Planner