Bernice & Nate

In my other life as a physical therapist, and Jason’s other life as a MovNat instructor, we work with Nate (at Langford Sports & Physical Therapy). We both felt so honored and excited that we were asked to shoot his wedding. Nate is one of the kindest, warmest people we know and Bernice is his match in every way. They already have a beautiful little boy, and their bond feels so strong that it leaves no question that these two wonderful people make a great match.

Bernice & Nate were married in the beautiful San Felipe de Neri church in Old Town Albuquerque.  They were surrounded by close friends, family, and their adorable little son.  You know, there are those couples who seem oblivious to the rest of the world as they focus on what they are doing together, and these two were exactly this way. They could hardly take their eyes off of each other during their ceremony (and it was a Catholic mass, so, you know, it wasn’t short).  Their looks were full of laughter, trust, and love - love so strong that it could be felt by everyone present.

After the ceremony, we had time to explore around Hotel Albuquerque before their reception, which was full of crazy awesome dance moves, reminiscing, and tons of hugs.  This group of friends and family is so close, and so loving.

Congratulations, Nate & Bernice!  May you always remember, in your hearts and bodies, the strength of love you embodied at your wedding.

Thank you to the following vendors for helping make Nate & Bernice's wedding wonderful:
Wedding venue: San Felipe de Neri Perish
Reception venue and catering: Hotel Albuquerque
Preparation venue: Hotel Chaco