Ashley & Jeremy

Jason and I first got to really meet Ashley and Jeremy in downtown Albuquerque for their engagement session—we decided long ago that anyone who was willing to roam around some of the grungy Albuquerque alleyways we took them to in order to get dramatic engagement photos were our kind of clients. Jeremy and Ashley were so excited and so willing to trust us for these, and that’s exactly how their wedding felt too.

Ashley & Jeremy were married at the iconic Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assissi in Santa Fe, New Mexico. These two grew up in Santa Fe, and were surrounded by family and friends for their traditional ceremony and their fun, love-filled reception. It was clear, through the toasts, the prep, the dancing, and all the hugs and laughter how much these two mean to their family and friends, and how much they each mean to each other.

Congratulations, Jeremy & Ashley!